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Tuesday, November 22, 2005


hello again...

it's tuesday today, thursday on the academic schedule, and I'm finally finding time to sit and read some papers on taiwan. this morning i'm working on one titled, "origin of the west taiwan basin by orogenic loading and flexure of a rifted continental margin" (a.t.lin and a.b.watts)... sounds fascinating, i know.

this past sunday was spent climbing thatchtop mountain in the rmnp, with tim bartholomaus. long story short, our guide book was incorrect and we ended up scratching our way up a gully that was lacking any real amount of snow or ice. mostly we used placements in frozen moss and scree and a whole lot of finesse to find our way up the mountain. in the end though, we ran out of time and rapped off the way we came up, slinging a manky block of rock on a ridgeline, and then another boulder which was actually worth using. all in all we had a good time, and made it home safe and sound. i'll attach a couple of pics here. the weather was perfect and conditions generally great, just not in our little gully. ah well, now we know where the real climb is, and next time we'll be able to actually get up the stupid thing.

me just hanging out at the high point of our progess

tim standing in front of the would-be finish of the climb...


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