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Thursday, June 15, 2006


uh.... today was ridiculous. 100 degrees in denver, almost the same here.

did have a lot of fun though. after work, a ton of people from the department made it to the southern sun brewery for a going-away-bash for my office mate and co-taiwan-research partner brian, before he leaves for taipei for two months, this saturday. i've already been trying to get him hooked into the taipei-network of friends i've made over the last few months, and apparently he is in for several culinary treats... including, "spicy pot" and/or the goose-meat ("er-ro") joint I like so much in mid-town taipei.

hope things go well... and, regina, if you catch this post... brian is totally up for anything you can throw at him... not to mention I've asked him to drag ling-ho, shao-yi and po-no out on the town at some point... preferably out for a night of boozing, taipei style.




Regina Chan said...

haha, got it..
surprised me that you got the good pronounciation of "goose meat" in chinese...

Tarka said...

that was from the lonely planet mandarin pocket phrase book!!


Regina Chan said...

haha, good to hear that..u still trying to learn mandarin?
just talked to guy used to live in Taiwan long time ago, and he speaks good Mandarin, he was telling me that it will be good to start with phonetic(zuyin)since that will help you get away from thought of english translation..