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Monday, November 19, 2007

Pedantic ?

yup, I'm still writing, rewriting, thinking and re-thinking. I hate this stage of work; you realize that you're wasting time being critical of yourself but you still can't be satisfied with what little has (or how much has not) apparently been accomplished. Anyway, I'm just going back through my introduction (again) and seeing some interesting things. Like the fact that when I sum up what it is I study, the following chain of uber-dry terms appears: "...spatial and temporal scales of steady-state critical-taper orogenic evolution". My undergraduates would experience the instantaneous onset of unconsciousness if I ever said that phrase to them (either by fear or boredom, I'm not sure which). But yeah, I guess, that's more or less what I study in a nutshell.


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William Bonaparte Warren said...

That's how it is to write, all right.
Your phrase X Pedantic? No, just technical and precise. A person is pedantic (same root as pedagogical, i.e. having to do with teaching) when everything she says is trying to teach us, and to suggest thereby that she knows it all, and we don't know much.
It might be pedantic for me to make that point here, or to point out that you do not, as you say, "study in a nut shell"
Nuff Said