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Thursday, September 29, 2005

...later that night....

hey again... my first post here was an effort to procrastinate during a school day, and a fairly effective way to waste time. tonight is more of a "im bored and need to take up a little time while i think of something cooler to do" type of entry.

so first of all... big news is i no longer live on the east coast. i am now living in boulder colorado, and working as a graduate phd candidate at the university of colorado at boulder. im working towards a doctorate in active tectonics, studying the structural kinematics and geomorphology of taiwan. i (for some odd reason) moved 2000 miles away from the wonderful girl im dating, which is a downer to put it mildly. i do at least have unlimited options for mountain biking and other related activities out here, unlike the east coast. i miss boston and nyc, although im only 30 minutes away from denver here... it could be much worse. i spent the last two years living in near social exile, up in central new hampshire. not that i didnt meet a couple of incredible people up there, people who im sad to have left behind.

anyway, just some quick thoughts for tonight. i know i said i would do this until i thought of something better to do, but my attention span tonight is near nonexistant, so im throwing in the towel. more bloggin later.


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