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Monday, October 03, 2005

greenback trout

sittin here at my desk in the grad office, eating an incredibly boring and uninspired ham sandwich. ive got unpayed bills and unfinished work and untied shoelaces (that last one was a stretch) and im doing my best to keep it that way.

i spent most of the day on saturday up in the rocky mountain national park (rmnp) with my fly-rod, practically stepping on schools of brook trout and not catching any. i went with several of my office-mates, and we all waded our separate ways through the stream meanders. some of the little pools were more than waist deep and held some good size trout. ...but they werent too into my flies. anyway, i found a perfect pool towards the end of the day and stalked quitely up the stream to where i could cast into the riffle at the head of the pool. on my third cast, i had a strong hit and hooked a nice 8-9 inch trout. when i got it in, i saw it was a beautiful but protected colorado greenback cutthroat trout, which meant my one nice catch of the day had to be released immediately.

hopefully the next time im in the area im a little more fortunate... at least i know where some of the good spots are up there. picture to follow at some point...


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