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Wednesday, February 07, 2007


so i used to break, back in the day. i used to practice a few times a week in a dance studio with a crew and randomly start breaking with crews i'd see practicing or performing. i threw down with some local kids in bali. i spent an evening with a crew breaking in bostons market square. i'd regularly participate in circles at dj-clubs back in ny. i am so (soooooo) out of practice. break-dancing is such an amazing form of dance, it was natural for me to get into after my interest in electronica and hip-hop, and martial arts (kung fu and capoeira). most of my friends who were breakers were also versed in some kind of martial art. the dynamic and interactive nature of this form of dance transcends cultural and language barriers all over the world. i hear tell there is a group in boulder, but i have yet to really track them down.

anyway, i was messing around with the imovie software on my mac trying to cut up an old clip (unfortunately not old enough, this is still me out of practice) into a short demo, and ended up posting this on the web, but i'll re-post it here...


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