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Friday, June 13, 2008

Still catching up...

Hey all,

Still catching up... yesterday saw my afternoon nap turn into a 6 hour dream-filled sleep. I woke up completely disoriented and I couldn't even tell what day it was... anyway, I am starting to feel a little more in tune with normal hours here.

just a quick post, while I'm thinking about it: while I was staying in Taipei, I was generously hosted by Kamil and Micha, two post-docs working with John Suppe at Tai-Da. I must thank them profusely for their accommodations but I also wanted to share a post from their blog... While I was there I was often offered the convenience of a ride to work, albeit on the back of a bike. This is the norm in Taiwan, where one often sees two people riding one bike. Micha's comment about a rare metamorphosis is well taken, I suppose two geologists dressed up in ties riding the same bike really is an uncommon sight!

See "MiKaTaiwan" blog here, and pics of two guys on the same bike...


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