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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

gloriously dry


i think i'm finally 100% back to colorado time. i'm not coughing anymore, and even my heart isn't thudding from the altitude nearly as much as a week ago. three more weeks and my red-blood-cell count should be as high as ever, so i'm making sure to eat plenty of iron and protein rich foods... reminds me i should go get a steak to cook tonight.

did some good work today, maps, papers, etc... i've also finally waded through my huge stack of four month old mail that had been occupying an entire corner of the living room floor since january. the past few days (and the last week or so in general) has provided more sunny, dry, wonderful days than my entire stay in taiwan... i've been just riding my bike everywhere through town and marveling at the beauty of this place again.

so yeah.. i miss all my friends in taipei and even the bustle of the city, but the view of the snow-capped rockies every morning makes my return to boulder "bearable".

i tried to take a few pics in the last few days, but i have yet to get any off the camera. some pics of prarie-dogs, folks at our party the other night (which by the way was fun, but due to many reasons was a very low-key event... attendance was only in the 20-ish range), and maybe some random shots of boulder around town. we'll see.....


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