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Monday, May 01, 2006

home stretch

ha. i'm in the home stretch... four more days in taiwan then i get on a jet and about 20 hours later i'll be back in boulder. as i've said before, i'm filled with split feelings about leaving here but overall i am happy to be heading back west (or east... i guess east of east is still west, but it's all a big sphere so it doesn't really matter one way or the other). i feel like i'm getting over being sick, too. i'm not coughing nearly half as much as i was before, which is good since my coughing ultimately caused me to pull a muscle in my rib-cage so it hurts like hell to cough anyway.

on another note: my extensive knowledge of procrastination has served me well so far today, and i'd like to share a new discovery with you, so that all of you might also put off doing useful work in favor of some lighter fare. please check out the plants in motion page from the bio department at indiana university... i especially like the section on nastic movements. i bring this up because one of the plants featured there (the mimosa or 'sensitive plant') grows all over the place here. i used to have small potted mimosas when i was a kid, and even 20 years later i can't help playing with these things... every time i run into one in the field, i have to touch a couple leaves and watch them close up.


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