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Sunday, May 21, 2006

rockies v. jays

hey all...

lazy sunday today, with thoughts of narnia and cupcakes...

spent last night at 'coors field' (denver's baseball stadium) watching my first major-league game in almost 20 years. watching the game is a lot more fun now that i know the basic rules of the game, but baseball is still just not that interesting to behold. it also didn't help that canada got their arse handed to them, the game wasn't exactly suspenseful with the jays scoring only one run.

anyway, the real showcase at the game was the sunset. coors field is situated such that the view over the bleachers at left field provides game-goers with a panoramic vista of the colorado front range and the snow-capped rockies... the sun set over the mountains and the scattered thunderhead clouds over the plains lit up in different shades depending on their altitudes and for a while it seemed like no one was watching the game any more.

the big thing to come out of all this is that now i know exactly what time to head out with my camera this evening, to see if the show will repeat itself....


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