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Sunday, January 20, 2008

still stuck...

in procrastination mode. Not that I actually have any work due for this semester yet, but I'm referring to work that needs to be completed from last fall.

Fall 07 was probably my second-least favorite semester of my entire academic career, but unfortunately it's not really over yet. I still have a few unfinished loose ends to take care of but I feel so burned out on them. I finally seem to be over the cold that floored me a while ago, and every neuron in my brain is telling me I should be out enjoying the snow and the sun... except that one single brain cell that's tied directly into my guilt gland.

Anyway, I'm heading home (from my office) and I'll try to keep working on this stuff, but if my work over the past week is any indication, chances are I will not get much done. ugh.


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