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Sunday, January 13, 2008


So, as a result of further procrastination today, I've just run across something called the ULHS, or "Ultimate Lindy-Hop Showdown" series. It's a swing dancing contest series that runs annually. The funny thing about this is that these competitions feature a guy I went to highschool with quite prominently... apparently he's a dance instructor in DC now. It's interesting to run across people you've known in such a random way, but Skye seems like one of those guys who would naturally be visible to a lot of people (in a good way). I was actually looking for some you-tube videos of "Locking" and found some old videos of the Charleston dance style (from the '20s and '30s), which is very similar to some modern kinds of break dancing, and then into swing dancing. Anyway, check out the following clip... Skye's not in this one, but his regular dance partner (Frida) is.


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