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Monday, April 28, 2008

Inmates have too much time on their hands

I know it sounds like a headline from The Onion... a man in a U.S. prison is suing the county which runs the facility for "literally being starved to death". First off, no one has been named as having died from malnutrition in this case. Secondly, the guy who is bringing the suit weighs over 300 pounds, but complains that he doesn't receive enough food and lost 100 pounds (meaning that when he was committed to prison he weighed over 400 pounds). The best part is that he complains about feeling dizzy and having blurry vision when he tries to exercise... not to appear callous or prejudiced, but come on!! --DUDE-- YOU ARE MORBIDLY OBESE, I would be shocked if he DIDN'T feel light-headed and short of breath when trying to exercise.

So, I would hope that this 'plaintiff' realize that he could probably stand to lose another hundred pounds, and that even with an intake of 3000 calories a day he's experiencing the benefits of expensive and dangerous surgeries like Ring Gastroplasty without having to go under the knife. I'm not saying he should be happy he's in jail, I'm just saying it's ridiculous for him to be suing over 'starvation'.

Article from the BBC


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