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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

dumb wall

there's a wall that I like to ride on near campus. one who wishes to ride the wall must hop from a parking lot, up onto the wall, then jump off the end onto the sidewalk below it. this is of course on a bike, just in case that wasn't clear. my riding style is much more about linking objects and keeping rhythm and less about sessioning single tricks. so, check out the wall:

...for some reason I decided it would be a good idea to go ride aggressively immediately following a week of sitting in a car, no mind the fact that I was exhausted and a little off-balance. I made a half hearted attempt at the wall (weak effort, not really committed) and what do you know, it kicked my ass. Luckily I guided my face away from the stone walls edge (I was wearing a helmet) but plenty of other parts got hung up on it, I was ejected, flipped and unceremoniously dumped on the sidewalk. Lots of people driving by were treated to the rare sight of a 28 year old man eating it hard. below is a diagram, made with google's free 3D sketching software.


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