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I'm a consulting geologist for a small company in the Denver area. I study problems related to active tectonics, using geomorphology, structural geology and remote sensing.

Thursday, April 17, 2008


hahaha... I have a meeting with my advisor tomorrow and I have tons of work to do tonight!! I had a peek at what my existing cross section looked like after not working on it for quite a while and I spent most of the morning hours deleting things from it. Then I spent most of the afternoon hours double checking data and then finally re-entering corrected, reprojected, carefully selected and newly collected data. Basically I started over and kept a template. It's surprising to me how much time I can spend taking care of details in preparation for work... I just hope that all that prep time translates into efficient and productive work-time. Take a gander at the gaping white space on the section, and realize that by tonight I aim to have it filled with the somewhat calculated structures that I (hope to) constrain with a host of corroborating data from geodesy, geophysics and geomorphology.


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