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I'm a consulting geologist for a small company in the Denver area. I study problems related to active tectonics, using geomorphology, structural geology and remote sensing.

Monday, July 28, 2008


I can only work for so many hours in a day before I have to turn to some other task. Geology (and science in general) is so structured... my days are dominated by geometries, kinematics, gravitational anomalies and lithospheric flexural behaviours. Data is analyzed, solutions reached and results presented; it all seems very droll at times, as though a monkey could do this. Creativity comes into it at times, in the sense that it facilitates making connections between data sets and jumping to a conclusion (that I then have to prove)... but it still lacks a certain purity. Putting pen to paper, tools to wood or brush to canvas allows for such honest and unbounded creativity of the sort that scientists rarely get the chance to enjoy. I occasionally have small desktop projects, but recently I've just been making desktop images (for my screen) when I can't focus on science. Yesterday's (yes I was working all day Sunday) is below....


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