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Monday, July 21, 2008


Typhoon Kalmaegi washed over central Taiwan this weekend, dumping 900mm (yeah, that's three feet) of rain. 19 people were killed in floods or debris flows, mostly in Nantou county. Luckily for us (in a purely academic way) I installed a couple of automatic cameras in the region this spring... hopefully they captured some images of the rivers' responses to such an input. In the meantime tho, I'll post a couple of pictures from the news in Taiwan... The picture of the guy was taken in Taichung, the major city that sits in the central basin of the island and the picture of the house full of mud is from Yu-chi, a couple kilometers south of Puli. This is why I wear flip-flops and shorts when I'm there... because you really do have to wade through the streets sometimes.


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