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Monday, July 07, 2008


The last month has seen me struggle to overcome jet-lag, stare drooling at my computer during work, completely reorganize my house, move one roommate out and find a replacement, and eventually refocus on work to start analyzing some of the myriad data that I was given during my recent-ish trip to Taiwan. Once or twice, I've also managed to do fun things, like cook and ride my bike. I still haven't come up with any good biking photos this year, so I'll share a couple of cooking photos... I did a few seared pork ribs with an off-the-cuff marinade/rub (oil, salt, lime, cilantro, vietnamese hot sauce, chipotle, chile molido, tomatillos). Sliced thin, served with grilled asparagus and roasted tomatillo. I also took some of the roasted tomatillo and made some salsa for bread with a bit of virgin olive oil and some cinnamon basil.


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William Bonaparte Warren said...

I have tomatillos in my garden growing thick as weeds because I planted them last year and then didn't know what to do with them.
Roasting! Yes! Thank you. ANYTHING is good roasted.