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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Republicans and Voter Fraud

WHY is it, every time I hear about a voter fraud scandal, it's in the form of an attack against democratic voters perpetrated by (presumably) conservative "citizens".

Note: I've separated the word "citizens" here because in my view (and that of various philosophical thinkers) a true citizen is someone who contributes constructively to their society... in some political models citizenship is only earned through service. People who practice voter fraud are not citizens; these people do just as much damage to our democracy as any militant terrorist could.

The latest fraud-scandal comes in the form of bogus text-messages telling Obama supporters to wait until tomorrow (AFTER election day) to cast their votes to avoid long lines. Personally I think the FBI (and CIA) should extradite whichever abjectly loathsome (again, presumably) republican schmucks that sent the messages to Gitmo to be forcibly interrogated and indefinitely detained.


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