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Thursday, November 20, 2008


This morning Boulder awoke to a thin veneer of ice coating every leaf and blade exposed to the sky, looking like we had been attacked overnight by someone set on varnishing the earth. Actually this is quite a nice change from the 70 degree days we've been getting... not to say that 70 degree weather isn't nice, but it is currently November in Colorado. My chilly bike ride to work this morning, for which I swaddled myself in fleece and down whilst slurping my coffee with one hand, took me past the same cop who wrote me a citation yesterday. This morning he was writing another bike-commuter a citation... as I rode past and gave the other biker a knowing look, I raised my coffee cup to the officer and reiterated what he told me yesterday, "keep one hand on the bar!".

more importantly, I also rode past a blackberry stand that I stopped at and snapped this picture of. A nice image of what this season should really look like.


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