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Friday, March 17, 2006


no, not the drunken frat-boy kind. the humidity here in taipei is something else.

today is ultra-hazy... it's not particularly hot, or muggy, but the air is thick and the haze looks more like grey smoke than the result of suspended water particles. it feels like sound is somewhat deadened, energy is absorbed, and everyone is just a little slow. the sun doesn't really shine, in fact the greyness is uniform enough that there isn't even really a bright glow from any quadrant of the sky... just a mild light that is simply present.

i know, it sounds a little depressing... it's not particularly, just kind of lends a little blase-je-ne-se-quois overtone to the day. i do feel a little stifled in my office. working in the same small area with 5 other people who have all grown up used to high temperatures and suffocating humidity can give one pause when approaching the air-conditioning unit with thoughts of the frozen peaks of the rockies in mind. that is to say, i don't want to make waves by turning the a.c. on to its maximum setting and bringing the whole office down to my comfort range; i think everyone else in here would be wearing down coats. honestly i think it's pretty funny that they even sell down coats in taiwan.

needless to say i'm looking forward to the dry, thin air of colorado, clear skies and crystal mountain streams. my summer is going to kick ass.


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