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Sunday, March 19, 2006


...was interesting. got up at a reasonable time, and grabbed my cameras and tripod and caught the train to danshui. shot some pictures around the market area, and the sea-walk... a small temple squeezed between two apartment buildings. went back to the little open air cafe overlooking the bay and had an espresso while i took a few more random shots off the balcony. i also recognized a name when the owner said it to one of the other people there.... "mani". when i got here, (taipei i mean) i started checking online for information about the area. i ran across a post about tian-mu on 43places.com by mani, (i recommend the site by the way... it has a lot of good information about travel destinations all over the planet) who also recommended danshui and the cafe i went to. it's funny to run into someone you only know about from an internet posting online... it lends some sense of humanity to the impersonal atmosphere of the web.

i also went up to yangmingshan park later that night to see the blossoms. during this time of the month, there is supposed to be a brilliant display of cherry and azalea flowers. the trees and bushes are lit at night and the other big attraction are the cala lilies, which are planted along the ponds in the park. the only problem with the attraction is that so many people from the city make their way up the mountain that it turns into a huge traffic jam, and the actual display of blossoms leaves something to be desired. ...the flowering trees along the lake in central park (nyc) are more impressive.

we'll see how the 35mm shots i took turn out. in the meantime, i'll post a pic of one of the lilies at night.


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