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Monday, August 11, 2008

Anaglyphs are awesome...

Today I was supposed to go into work and magically turn about 10 pages of notes (already typed) into about 5 pages of carefully sculpted prose with a scientific twist. That somehow failed to happen (again) so instead I learned how to generate 3D anaglyph images using expensive software (a commercial single-user node-locked Mac OS-X license for ENVI+IDL = $7000).

Yeah... that's SEVEN THOUSAND DOLLARS... seriously. I should note that since this software was developed by faculty in my department, I get that same license for twenty-five bucks.

Anyway, I finally figured out how to make totally-sweet 3D anaglyphs from my also-totally-sweet high resolution digital elevation model data of taiwan... essentially I hope to be including images like this in posters so that I can give a poster presentation in one of those crowded AGU aisles with a bunch of people standing around, all wearing goofy red-and-blue glasses. The image below is a south-looking view across high terraces in Puli. You will need a standard pair of 3D glasses to see this, or just something red and something cyan to look through. Red goes over your left eye.



Sean Gleeson said...

I like the anaglyph. Did you originally post this with a different picture? It seems that I saw this post earlier, then when I came back to see it again, the picture was not the one I remembered. Or maybe I am just senile.

Tarka said...

No... you're not senile. I switched the image to this one because it shows the quality of the data much better than the original image I posted.