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Friday, August 08, 2008

spaceships and church...

see: "come on..." and "How stupid do you have to be?" for some background on this....

Reading back through some previous posts, and listening to some interesting talks about creativity in skool and what 'purpose' modern education serves (a valid question) I've come to realize, or perhaps merely posit, that organized religion is one of the last major stumbling blocks that human, global, society faces with respects to making the necessary steps to start exploring beyond our preconceived limits. The stars are one thing... is light-speed an attainable goal? what about superluminal travel (i.e. subspace or wormholes)?? Screw traveling to alpha-centauri... why can't we (humans) develop and disseminate electric cars? solar panels? wind-turbines? tide-turbines? geothermal exchangers? There exists so much calculable clout and solid design behind these ideas, it's literally a wonder these technologies haven't been globally shared and implemented already. ...but perhaps not so much a wonder when considering how much money stands to be made off prospects like drilling oil in Venezuela (which harbors some of the richest and most extensive, as yet untapped, oil reserves on the planet) or Alaska. ...or how much money the "big four" stand to make off their no-bid contracts in Iraq. It's disgusting, really.

I drive a car, whenever I need to transport more than 40 pounds of cargo. My car (a '96 VW golf) gets ~35mpg but I still feel lame driving it when I don't absolutely need to. It's a luxury; one that I feel privileged to have at my disposal, but a luxury none the less. If I had the money (or could cheat my way into it) I would quickly convert my golf, or buy a car like this one.


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