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Tuesday, January 17, 2006



so... i did end up going to that audition, which wasn't so much an audition, but more like a screen-test. basically they took my picture a few times, had me walk from one side to the other and do some funny thing, acting like one of the light-screens was a door that was locked... they mentioned "space-man", and "star-ship"... so i'm guessing this was an airlock that i wanted to get into but couldn't. someone else told me that this was supposed to be an add for the national telephone company, so i have no idea what they were really looking for. tv adds here are bizarre and totally over the top anyway, and half the time you have no idea what they're selling. i totally felt like bill murray in lost in translation... five minutes of chinese dialog followed by, "walk to here".... except i'm not spending my free time here hanging out with scarlet johannson.

here's a pic i snapped of the guy they had in the studio right before me. i think i'd rather be behind the camera anyway...


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楊曼妮 mani yang said...

lost in translation in taipei isn't a bad idea..