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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

image mapping

quick one here...

finally got the freaking image map on my website beta to work... now as soon as i get some of the content straightened, i should be ready to launch. been 'reseaching' nightlife spots 'round taipei, looking online for good lounges to try. so far i've found more than a few i'd like to check out, so maybe i'll start getting a few reviews of these in the coming weeks. also been taking a little time to shoot some pics... hoping to put together a few series / triptych type works for the site, as well as maybe for the blog. I'm still happy with the simplicity of this layout, but i may try to spice it up just a little bit at some point. yesterday was nice and sunny... went to danshui again and had a decent cappuccino.... still too much foam though. i'm beginning to think that i'll never find a place as good as gimme... damn, what a funny potential reason for wanting to someday be a professor at cornell university. ha, not really, well maybe... who knows. plenty of time to ponder that.


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