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Friday, January 20, 2006


hey, they work!

15 visitors to the blog yesterday. at least one person from ensr was checking it out (yes i can see your ip addresses and resolve the server you're accessing the web from), my mom of course (tampabay server), and even someone in malaysia, among others. sweet! i'll give another report in about a month or so. in other news, the chinese new year is about to get under way, and although taipei seems its normal bustling self tonight, i'm assured by my colleagues here that next week it will resemble a ghost town, tumble weeds and all. (well, ok, maybe no tumble weeds, but you get the idea...)

i'm also working on a new website. it's been a while since my last site went down, and i've been thinking about relaunching it for a while, but i think it will be a little different this time around. i've been running across some really cool pages on the net recently, most are very minimal, yet striking in their simplicity of design. ...it seems most have also been the property of young, female graphic designers in various cities across the world. 'halfstar' and 'ruido' by eva in madrid, and 'wallflower' by camilla in norway stand out among some of the better ones. 'the cardboard box' by kirsten in canada is also decent, especially for a 16 year old. so anyway, hopefully 'activethrust.com' will be launched sometime in the near future, and will act as a pared-down showcase for some of my better photography that doesn't really fit into any posts here (though content will be extremely limited for several months, since most of my existing work is on my server at home, which i took offline before i left for taiwan), as well as a place for my resume and a blog-portal (to here). if any of you have any good ideas for something to add to my site, please let me know... i'm listening.


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