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Sunday, January 15, 2006

odd yet hilarious


just a quick afternoon post here... procrastinating yet again when i should be compiling notes and doing some dem-analysis... something that's never happened to me just occured while i was walking back from lunch.

i was crossing under the main street in front of the campus (via the handy tunnels that are necessary given the insane/suicidal tendencies of drivers in taipei), when a casting agent for a local production company approached me and asked if i'd be interested in auditioning for a tv commercial! she said (really a direct quote), "we need a foreigner to play the space-man."

- no shit -

anyway, talk about random. she gave me her card and told me where the audition was... and also said that if i got the gig the pay would be about $750 US for 12 hours of work. so it's completely out of the blue, but just zany enough to potentially motivate me to check it out... i haven't made up my mind yet. check back sometime late tomorrow to see what i decide.


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