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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

big brother is watching

not to be ominous or anything... no actually i've just been messing with some options here on the blogger.com domain, and i've added the ability for readers (all readers) to leave comments about my posts. comments are public and can be read by anyone who wants to see them... just click the comments link at the bottom of a post to leave or view comments. also, out of curiousity, i added an invisible web-stats counter to the page so i can track the sort of site-traffic this blog is generating. i'm getting more and more emails from people just saying "btw, i've been reading your blog" or "btw, that was a funny story you posted". I'm beginning to wonder just how many people actually see this thing. not that it'd (which after looking "it'd" up, appears to be a real contraction in the english language, meaning either "it would" or "it had"... but "that'd" is not a recognized contraction.) change anything about the way i post.

'nother pic ('nother, by the way is also an officially recognized abbreviation of "another") too.

...my place in tian-mu...


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Anonymous said...

Perhaps it is fitting that I be first..I liked the english lesson. thank you. MM