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Tuesday, February 21, 2006


wednesday afternoon...

i seem to have come down with a bit of a head cold... ugh. sneezy, wheezy what a bummer. it doesn't help that it's about 80 degrees outside now... it's beautiful weather, yesterday was super clear (which happens all of about 3 times a year here) but it's so hard to enjoy experienced through the haze of illness-induced-spaciness. it's a little odd to consider that during the entire weekend it poured buckets of rain and was only about 50 degrees. i did make it outside briefly yesterday, to come down to the office but i never made it inside. i walked around gonguan for a little while, had something to eat and tried a new drink i'd never seen before. 'fanta lactic' is a beverage made by fanta, coca-cola's popular european and asian soda line, that also contains some sort of milk product... giving the effect of a sort of vanilla yogurt flavoured soda. better than it sounds, and always interesting to see what other people think is a good enough idea to launch an entire product line around. while i was trying to find some more information about this drink, i ran across soda-blog... worth a looksee. the mosquitos in my room have started coming back, and for the last few nights i've awoken to searing pain when i unwittingly leave an arm exposed above the covers. monday night in particular, i woke up to find 4 separate welts all within 5 inches of each other on the soft underside of my right forearm... throbbing and pulsing enough to wake me from a dream. at that point there's no way i can fall asleep again when i know those little buggers are just waiting for me to stop thrashing around before they descend again to slip a proboscis into my flesh. oh well... just sitting here in the office going over some notes and trying to make some plans to go back down to puli sometime soon, but it's a little hard for me to think about that, i just want to take it easy and get over this stupid cold. ok, i'm heading out... taking my notes and a journal paper and laptop home and doing work from my couch. i can pick up oj and chicken soup on the way.


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