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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

snoopy train

so it's midday wednesday and i'm sitting in my office about to dive into my advisor's responses to the first major update i sent him recently. 'about to dive into' of course means i'm putting it off by posting to my blog instead. i feel like i've been pretty out of the loop for the last few days, neither really being productive at work or at play... just sort of here. it's been a month and a half since i arrived, which means i've only got another two and a half to go... not very long at all. i haven't been running, i definitely haven't been riding my bikes, can't go skiing or ice-climbing (thanks, by the way, to all of my friends in the snowy, icy north who have repeatedly assured me i am missing one of the best ski seasons ever...), so i've been continuing to explore the city here on foot. i'm really looking forward to getting back out into the field sometime soon so i can get some more hands-on work done. i'm still going to bed really late and waking up late. it's kind of annoying, but for some reason i just can't seem to readjust my circadian rhythms.

monday i came to work and sent out my update to colorado. came home early, found amazing grafiti under a freeway overpass along one of the rivers and started to take pictures. camera ran out of battery power. stopped at shilin night market on the way home for a roasted pork sandwich (pork, cabbage, mayo, hot sauce, cheese on a toasted bun) and a few mr. donut donuts to bring back to roomates.

tuesday i got out of bed at 2pm and stayed home, sort of doodling with my data from my couch, but made no real headway. was stumped by my apparent inability to find an elegant way to overcome a simple data incompatibility issue... was too sluggish to brute-force my way through it. went to happy hour at the english pub down the street. ended up staying there for 5 hours.

woke up this morning at a reasonable time. took an unreasonable amount of time to get ready for work. canceled each other out. made my way from the bus into the mrt station at jiantan, and managed to catch the snoopy train. there is one train in the mrt system that breaks the stainless steel style mold of the other trains, it is pink and yellow and covered from front to back in peanuts characters, snoopy, charlie, lucy, the whole gang. have yet to get a picture of it.

have plans to check out a bar/club called carnegies tonight with another american... should be interesting. feel like i need to get some good progress down before i leave the office tonight.

still haven't bought the polaroid... maybe next month? also still considering the fujifilm s3 pro. that may never happen but it's in the back of my mind. as soon as i get new batteries in my fuji, i'll try to post a picture or two of things i've seen recently.


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